Beginners – Saturday afternoon (with Freya)

Beginners – Saturday afternoon (with Freya)

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We offer a 4-week taster course, starting by kneading the clay, before learning the basics of throwing on the wheel. It’s intense and provides the opportunity to learn quickly. The amount of clay is suited to your natural strength.

Learning this masterful process can be challenging, especially if this is your first time. We provide demonstrations and 1 to 1 support to ensure you enjoy and make the most out of your experience – and have some fun whilst doing it! The bonus is being able to take you’re favourite pieces home with you.  

What happens in session 1:

  • On the wheel, you will learn how to centre the clay, open it up and pull the walls for hight
  • We will start with cylindrical form, learning how to gather hight first, and then stretch into various forms including bowls
  • Depending on ability, open and closed forms, plates, vases, mugs and bottles can be explored
  • If you then want to glaze, you can then select your favourite x3 pots or continue with learning the full process

What happens in session 2:

  • Back on the wheel, you will learn how to turn your pots at leather hard stage. This is where you trim excess clay, add definition, shape and carve footrings. The aim is to refine it’s curves and angles
  • If you have made mugs, you will add handles at this stage
  • Once happy with the form, your pots go off for the bisque firing, in preparation for glazing

 What happens in session 3:

  • With over 30 stoneware glazes to choose from, you will understand the ingredients we use to create these colours – just like baking a cake
  • You will learn the different application techniques and how to combine different glazes to create different effects and finishes

We provide aprons. Please wear comfortable clothes, and shoes and ones you don't mind getting messy. Eat before you come so you are full of energy, we have tea and coffee. Long fingernails can be difficult for throwing- we recommend trimming them!